Monday, September 8, 2008

Violators are Back in Action

The Violators begin the Fall season with style. We started by shaking off the rust in the first inning leaving a man on third base and giving up three runs in the first inning, but it was all business from there on. The Violators unleashed a hitting spree that nothing short of fluid. Brian Lefholz picked up from where he left off with his solid hitting as he pulled off an inside-the-park homer to get us going. I’d like to introduce our newest Violator, Schnee Lopez who impressed us with her fine fielding and hitting, as if she’s done this before. We had solid hitting from everyone, including Bev Lund who wound up with two hits and a walk by the end of the night. Elsa Gomez came in for a solo appearance and added to the win, she will be missed as she will take the rest of the season off to recoup from surgery. It was great to have Sarah Treadwell back in the lineup as well, as she covered first base, covered running for Beverly’s hits from first base, nearly took out Jeff Navarro with three consecutive foul hits, and scored multiple runs. It’s just not the same without her, welcome back Sarah! Needless to say the Violators played very well in their opening night of the Fall season as they defeated the Red Light Runners by a score of 15-5.

We hope to see the rest of you W+Pers come out to support us as we enjoy another fun season on the diamond!

- Will


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