Monday, September 22, 2008

Corporate Games - Dodge Ball

It seemed that our "hours" of practice and "weeks" of preparation we not enough to overcome some truly talented dodgeball players of the greater Roseville area. Our rag tag group of players took to the court not having touched a dodge ball since the 4th grade...and it showed! We shook off years of rust and managed to win a game here and there but never were able to win the battle...that was until our final game. Haunted by the thought of finishing last out of 6 teams, we took to the court with a renewed spirit. We were not going to be denied our 5th place finish! We quickly took the lead and never looked back, pummeling our opponents with a barrage of balls and dodging everything that came our way. Thanks to Bill, Jessica, Amber, Anntionette, Sarah, Jeff, Kim, Brett, Joey, Brian L., and the elder statesman of the group Mark for coming out and sacrificing their bodies for the good of the company.
-Brian L.


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