Monday, March 17, 2008

Twilight Golf...FORE!!!

The first Twilight Golf extravaganza of the year was a great success! Ten brave souls, two and half groups, were the first of the year to strut their stuff on the tee. Battling through bugs, the elements, and large smoke signals being sent from a nearby house. Yeah, that’s right, smoke signals. One of the houses along the side of the course had large clouds of smoke coming from its chimney blanketing the course so you couldn’t see. I know what you’re thinking and no the house was not on fire.
But of those ten only two, Brian Lefholz and Bill Turner, found enlightenment through near death experiences. The first enlightened soul, Brian, was standing behind the head hunter, Amber Seevers, at a 15 degree angle which should have been enough to avoid any errant shot. But alas, this was not enough and as Amber swung through with a powerful “umf!” the ball was sent barreling into Brian’s golf bag only inches from missing his rib cage. As for Bill, his experience was a little less dramatic. Paul Walsh was having a tough time getting through the first hole and had landed his ball in a green side sand trap. As Paul was setting up and taking his aim at greatness, Bill happened to be walking along the back side of the green setting his bag down totally oblivious to the mighty stoke Paul was about to unleash. Then in a flash the ball exploded from sand taking aim not for the green but for Bill…luckily as everyone screamed in horror Bill quickly turned and the ball was caught in his golf towel.
So, lessons learned from the first twilight golf evening of the year: if you want to learn how to hit your ball backwards talk to Amber, and if you want to avoid being hit or killed stay behind the person hitting. I hope everyone in the office will consider joining us next time, March 25th, for some golf, some laughs, and some enlightenment.

- Jeff Navarro


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