Monday, March 31, 2008

Introducing We sAck

Most of you have probably noticed the new gang of “toughs” that hangs out near the main entrance of the building. In fact some of you may have even been the innocent victim of a miss-kicked hacky as you ran the gauntlet into the front doors. We are “We sAck”, made up of Brian “Elf Shoes” Lefholz, Jeff “Finesse” Navarro, Brett “The Bruiser” Billingsley, and me, Tye “insert synonym for uncoordinated here such as, bumbling, graceless, heavy-footed, lumbering, ungainly” Brown. You will be happy to know that we have moved our crew into the handicap parking stalls, which if you have ever watched us for a moment is probably much more appropriate (see image). Despite our physical limitations, and as long as weather, work, and wives permit will be playing hacky sack during lunch, and all are welcome to participate and join in the mutual embarrassment that is hacky sack.

Honorary We sAck members include; Robert Wallis (“Blame it on the Shoes” Award), Dave King (“Most Improved Player” Award), Jack Paddon (“Way to Narrowly Avoid Brian’s Foot In Your Face” Award), and Leah Polcyn who’s honorary membership is under probation due to her performance of a controversial move that is outlawed in all 50 states according to NHSA (National Hacky Sack Association). Others have 'tried' with little success but none the less deserve a shout out...Terry Green, Jim Williams, Greg Tonello, Andrea Jaggers, Stephanie Scattini, and Amber Seevers.

Watch for more information on We sAck in the future.

- Tye Brown


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