Monday, March 17, 2008

“Do You Know Who Pr.Int.S is?... Good.”

Per the request of our very own Leah Polcyn (Interior Design Intern & Secretary for Pr.Int.S) four W+P Go-Getters volunteered their time to participate in a panel discussion at Sacramento State University. The discussion was staged by the Sacramento chapter of Pr.Int.S (Professional Interior Design blah blah blah). The evening was a hit and the students definitely got more than their fair share of input from our W+P professionals Andrea Jaggers, Intermediate Interior Designer; Brett Billingsley, Senior Interior Designer; Amber Seevers, Junior Interior Designer & odd man out Brian Lefholz, Architect Intern. A few of the topics addressed included job satisfaction, creative freedon, and most popular, life after college. It was obvious that “the real world” is a concept that they struggle with so they were eager to submerge their minds in any information that illuminated what they are in store for. The evening was capped off with a visit to R15 where the panel discussed the highlights of the event over an ice cold lager and a game of pool… girls vs. boys… Amber and Leah triumphed, TWICE!! Way to go Higher Education.

- Amber Seevers


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