Monday, March 9, 2009

Tour of The Orleans in Old Town

A few weeks ago, the IIDA organized a tour of a new infill project in Old Sacramento, The Orleans. First, we met at the Firehouse. I have not been here in years… and once I was there, I wondered what took me so long? I love the outdoor patio of this place… especially this time of year. We got a firsthand tour of the much improved Firehouse by Terry Harvego (the project developer) and Michael Dunlavey (of Dunlavey studio, who did the renovation work at Firehouse and also did the interiors of The Orleans). After that, we walked over to The Orleans with Bruce Monighan (the architect on record) and got the inside scoop on how this project became the newest infill project. I was anxious to get inside and boy was it worth the wait! These rental lofts were planned to maximize the views and make the most of the outdoor living space… and that was apparent. Almost all of us were ready to sign up when we finished. And, at a decent rental price… why not? Urban living on the Sacramento River with killer views – who wouldn’t want one of these lofts? Well, my dog for starters… but if you are not responsible for any furry creatures and you are looking for a place to call home… go check them out at Old Sac Properties! I’d love to come visit.

- Andrea


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