Monday, March 9, 2009

Heath Ceramic

If you are ever in Sausalito and have two hours to spare, I highly recommend checking out the Heath Ceramics manufacturing facility off of Bridgeway Blvd. Heath ceramics is named after the late Edith Heath who founded the company in the mid-1950’s. She and her company are known for their unique and timeless design as well as their dedication to producing quality products (that cost a pretty penny, but are worth every penny at the same time). The facilities were incredible, not due to size nor enormity of production mind you but because of how down to earth and understated it was; they used their own pottery pieces (that retail for $70+ in the store)for putting ‘slip’ and other mixtures in, their sinks/floors/backsplashes were clad in mosaics of their own broken tiles, and flanked throughout the space was everything ranging from ceramic bowl/glaze/cup/tile prototypes to hand molded pumpkins that they entered in their annual Halloween contest. The tour consisted of brief visits with the various artisans where, at each station, they described and exhibited their craft. The artisans as well as the tour-ista, as I will call her, were all very passionate about the work as they spoke. It is that passion that makes their product special. The attention to detail and the extreme pride in what they create. All of these qualities come together to transform clay into beautiful works of art.
Entrance to Heath, ceramic art by Edith Heath

Fresh from the mold. Notice the open door...each employee has the ability to open a door or window as well as access to natural light.

Amazing tile. Revived from the archives a few years back, this tile is a classic modern design

Heath is known for their glazes...such vibrant and beautiful colors

Seconds?... those on a budget can visit their seconds store for bargains on near perfect pieces.


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