Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final Four Madness

OK, there were 2 games that destroyed many brackets. Michigan State and Villanova. That being said there were some that saw it coming. There is actually one player (Michael Forbes of Roebbelen) that has all Final Four still in it.
Seeing all you who had the schools like Syracuse and Memphis going all the way I got tired of grading Sh*tty PIX. I set some criteria to narrow the field which helps weed out the pack of sheets that have a chance in hell of winning. Here is the criteria and there are 20 or so sheets still in the hunt.
· Sheets with at least 2 of the final four still in the Tourney
· Sheets that still have their champion still in the Tourney.
And yes, each of the teams in the Final Four are represented by at least one sheet.

P.S. One last note Kim Navarro has officially kicked her husband’s butt. Sorry “Golden Boy” not this year …………..AGAIN.

Stay tuned next week for who will take home top bragging right honors.

-Eric Driever


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