Monday, March 23, 2009

Design Dialogue Series

I would encourage anyone interested in urban design issues to attend the first Design Dialogue at the AIACV office this Wednesday night. Our very own Terry Green will be presenting WP's take on alley activation along with other local architects and designers. The presentations are short (very short) leaving more time for questions and discussion about the issues...a chance for your ideas to be heard. See below for more info.

Panel Presentation -- UDA has asked the two developers on the panel -- Jeremy Drucker and Aaron Zeff -- to describe what they initially saw, including where, that inspired them to come up with a comparable development concept for an alley in Sacramento. Tom Pace, the City of Sacramento's Long Range Planning Manager, will comment on alley concepts he has seen in a variety of locations; in addition, he will provide information on the "density bonus for alleys" that is included in the recently approved General Plan.

Visual Presentations -- UDA will provide a continuous slide show comprised of alley photographs from around Sacramento, California, other cities and states, and other countries. *** Developers Drucker and Zeff will display renderings of the concepts they are in various stages of proposing. *** Terry Green (Williams+Paddon) will display boards that depict a color-coding scheme for alley ID-&-safety. *** Ron Vrilakas (Vrilakas Architects) will display boards that depict alley landscaping and traffic management concepts suitable for alley-fronting retail and residences.

Dialogue -- UDA encourages attendees to arrive early in order to have time to view the displays prior to the opening presentation. Following the panel, Brian Fischer, Director of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing for Midtown Grid, will facilitate a dialogue that ensures everyone an opportunity to ask a question and/or offer a comment on the presented concepts and information.

- Brian L.


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