Monday, February 8, 2010


How many of you have struggled with a ketchup packet only to have the contents exploded all over your shirt? Why is there only enough ketchup in each packet for 2 frys? And why are these little devils virtually impossible to open without pliers (or for those without tools... teeth)? The tiny packets have p*ssed off millions for over 40 years...until now. My guess is the CEO of Heinz actually had to attempt to open his own ketchup packet for the first time and realized how frustrating this process can be. From this revelation we now have a design with 3 times the ketchup per packet, easy tear off top and the option to dip. Good design is good design, whether in a building, a car or a ketchup packet.

interesting side note: according to the CEO of Heintz, "We created the packet in 1968... and consumer complaints started around 1969."

-Brian L.


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