Monday, February 8, 2010


I would like to take a moment to direct your attention to a small yet fairly obvious magnet affixed to the front of the dishwasher. For your reference, please see the attached photo (entitled “photo.jpg”). While some may believe its message is clear, other seem a bit adverse to truly understanding what the message insinuates. So for those who lack the ability to clearly comprehend its message, I offer the following explanation: When the word “Dirty” is up (or legible without standing on your head) it means that your dirty dishes belong inside the dishwasher. The attached photo shows the little magnet in the orientation described. Now, when the little magnet is in the opposite orientation (with the word “clean” clearly legible from our normal upright position) it would be helpful if every once in a while you partake in removing the “Clean” dishes from within the dishwasher and placing them in the appropriate spaces clearly labeled in the upper cabinets above the dishwasher and/or in the drawers adjacent to the dishwasher.

Thank you for your time and continued efforts. I hope this little explanation helps in some small way.


p.s. - I know Eric took great time and effort to write this short story entitled "dirty dishes," but I think further explanation and clarification might be necessary. Perhaps a diagram, or sketch, or maybe an instructional video to help the class? If anyone else was confused, Eric has requested that you leave your dirty dishes at his desk and he will be sure they are taken care of properly. What a nice guy.


good luck with your efforts, Eric!

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