Monday, December 14, 2009

Snow in the Valley

Jack's house in white - Newcastle
2" of fresh powder

Winter Wonder Land from Terry's Deck - Auburn

Eric's House - Cameron Park

Ok, so we got a little snow last week. Now, for those of you who grew up here this is unusual. But to myself, and the other midwestern transplants in the office, this was hilarious. Hearing people couldn't make it to work because of 2 inches of snow...well, just made my day. A few quotes from the day...
"Can't get up the hill, I'll try again when the snow melts" - Terry
"This is the most snow in 22 years here" - Jack
"I'm scarred" - Eric
"You know, in Missouri / Nebraska we call that a ‘dusting’ of snow. You California people are funny. Hey, maybe you could make a cute little miniature snow man." - Brian L.
"Yeah! I drove to 25 miles to school and back in the winter snow and ice season for each of the 7 years I was in college in an old Ford with bald tires. All I needed was a couple sandbags in the trunk… What good is an SUV if you can’t take it out into the snow????????????????" - Regina
"And get it way!" - Jack
-Brian L.


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