Monday, December 14, 2009

We Care 2009

We Care 2009 was another great success!!! Thanks to Regina, Robi, Amber, Cigi and Rose for donating the materials and the time to pull everything together. The 100+ kids really enjoyed making their 'Hot Chocolate Bags" for their Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Grandma...and in one case, a girlfriend. The little boy was pretty cute about it...he tried to keep it a secret and got embarrassed when I asked if it was for a girlfriend. The kids really enjoyed putting the bags together. Although, I must say their favorite parts were sneaking marshmallows (when we weren't looking) and stapling the bags together. Who knew kids loved staplers so much? Thanks again to everyone who helped and to Herman Miller and MTA for putting on such a wonderful event.

Brian, Regina, Amber, Robi...and Rose is behind the camera (as usual)
Amber taking on 3 kids at a time

Brian trying to tie little bows with not so little fingers
Robi making sure everything is juuuust right

Robi and Santa
-Brian L.


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