Monday, December 14, 2009

Gunlocke Showroom Tour

This past weekend I went with MTA to visit the Gunlocke Showroom in SF. Gunlocke manufactures case goods, conference tables, seating, etc... They've got a great new modern line called Silea. Check it...CLICK HERE.

Gunlocke Conference Room

Silea...Modern, Sleek, Cool

After the tour of the showroom it was off to explore the city for a few hours. Despite the on again/off again rain it was great. The Christmas energy was electric. From the hundreds of Santa's walking around singing Christmas carols, to the sights of thousands of holiday shoppers, to an impromptu street corner concert by high school kids singing Lady Gaga's was great.

Macy's Holiday Display. A Magical Display for Kids of All Ages

Frank Lloyd Wright Building

-Brian L.


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