Monday, November 3, 2008

A day in the country and all things Eames

The home.

Meet and greet over coffee and muffins in the guest quarters.

Eames prototype chairs from their 901 office/studio in Venice, California.

After lunch, we gathered in a room showcasing 100 of the 750,000 slides taken by Charles and Ray (that's 5% of the total collection of the Library of Congrress) to watch 2 of the 85+ short films they made though out their career.
Group Photo (Rose not present as she was taking the usual) Thanks Rose!

Last weekend (October 25th) a group of 10 from the office (Terry, Stu, Robi, Mark, Andrea, Amber, Will, Brian L., Shannon, and Rose) spent Saturday afternoon with Lucia and Llisa Eames at their home and Studio in Petaluma. It was a simply spectacular day, the weather was perfect and the visit with Lucia and Llisa was genuine and inspiring. Two very talented and down to earth sculptors with extraordinary teachers and mentors, Charles and Ray Eames. Their work couldn't be more different but the common thread lies in the design thinking process and how they've translated the lessons of Charles and Ray into their own work. Getting the chance to sit with them and talk about their lives, their work, and their passion was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • A few attendees wanted to share their thoughts from the day:
  • Being in the presence of design history
    and surrounded by true talent and creativity
    Brought out the best in all of us.
    The weather was perfect,
    the welcome was warm and genuine,
    the information timeless and inspiring.

    Thank you to Herman Miller and Lucia & Llisa
    For generously letting us glimpse the life of the Eames family.
  • Seeing how the generations of the Eames Family carry on the acute design sensibility was very satisfying. They have taken the legacy of the Charles and Ray and made it their own in their right. The joy of design that flows through all discipline’s is very much alive with a great story to tell along the way! -Will
  • I think I learned more in those 4 hours about design thinking than I did in 5 years of architecture school and 3 years of practice. -Brian L.

I've got to give a huge THANK YOU to Fae Urban at Herman Miller who organized the days events. Everything from coffee, tea and muffins upon arrival, to a delicious lunch (w/ great wine), and assorted desserts and apple cider as we sat and chatted with Lucia and Llisa towards the end of our visit.

-Brian L


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