Monday, November 10, 2008

Kurt Versen Lighting Tour and Trip to NEW YORK CITY: October 2008

Times Square, NYC

Central Park

Amber Seevers and I were invited to tour the Kurt Versen Lighting Factory by our ALR rep, Ryan Culver. A trip to New York City… who could turn that down? We arrived just before midnight on Thursday – after one of the most difficult traveling experiences I’ve ever had (I won’t mention the airline – although they did eventually get us there). We awoke Friday morning and were shuttled off to Westwood, New Jersey to visit the Kurt Versen factory and to meet the people who run the company. Well, we were a little sleepy, but the content and photometric lighting labs were great. I never realized there was so much to know about recessed down lights! Everyone was knowledgeable and pleasant and we had a great time! After the tour, Kurt Versen staff shuttled us over to Manhattan to check into our digs: the W Hotel in Times Square! We changed for dinner and walked over to Ruby Foo’s for a magnificent dinner! Thinking it couldn’t get any better – it did! After dinner they treated us to the Broadway production of Wicked (if you haven’t seen this yet and like the Wizard of Oz… it’s a MUST!) It was a full day that left us with smiles on our faces as we fell fast asleep.

Saturday was our day in the city. Ryan treated us to breakfast at the Boat House – a restaurant on a lake in Central Park. Again, amazing. We wanted to walk off some of the opulence of that last few days – which was not hard to do in Central Park. Imagine being from the city of trees – and being awestruck by Central Park! It was truly magical. We finally grabbed a taxi and left the sheltered canopy and headed to Battery Park. We saw Wall Street, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and Trinity Church. All of which inspired us. We returned to the hotel long enough to change, then headed off for dinner at Buddakan. The interior of this restaurant was a mixture of an Asian inspired sanctuary, complete with Buddha heads and a Catholic Church, complete with a huge mural of the last supper. The food was tremendous! We jetted off to the top of the Empire State Building and proceeded to end the night in typical New York fashion… with a slice of late night pizza!

Sunday was our departure day, but not before we scoured Times Square, visited the ice rink at Rockefeller Center and did a little shopping. All in all – it was a trip Amber and I won’t ever forget – our first time in New York!! We want to thank Ryan Culver – who was a gracious host and all the people at Kurt Versen! Thank you for your opening up your factory to us and sharing a little bit of your New York with us!



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