Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4/9 weekend

In case anyone wonders how us 4/9 people like our extra day off, well, this is how I spent mine.

I was up Friday at the usual time and headed west on 50 by 6:30. I thought I’d be freezing by butt off, but it wasn’t bad. We hooked a north and zig-zagged through the farm land and ran into some serious wind, hoping it would subside, we continued past Cache Creek and up the Ramsey Gorge where we stopped and ate breakfast - McGriddle’s and a thermos of Chai tea. The wind had died down and it was beautifully warm. We continued toward Clear Lake, which was fogged in at both ends, but clear in the middle. And it was only 10:20. We headed on toward Willits, arriving just about 11. But noticed a sign indicating Ft. Bragg was 33 miles. Well, we hung a west and were in Ft. Bragg by noon. Sunny, warm and beautiful. I’ve been dying to go to the coast for a long time. We found a place to grab some lunch and found Glass Beach. We walked around town and ate our picnic lunch we’d brought for dinner. We woke up Sat morning, walked to a restaurant for breakfast and were on the road toward home by 10:00, wanting to get home before dark (it was a 5 ½ hour trip there). One the way back between Ft. Bragg and Willits we stopped for a break at the Jackson Demonstration Forest. There was a mist coming off the grass (unfornatly my phone camera just couldn;t capture the beauty). Anbd that's how I spent my weekend.



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