Monday, August 11, 2008

AIA Headquarters Grand Opening

Terry + Linda, Robi, Andrea, Brian L., and myself all attended the grand opening of the new AIA Headquarters in Sacramento. It was a bit on the warm side that day but nonetheless they had all of their doors and windows open letting all of us designers/architects spill in from off of the street and roam through their premises; exploring everything from their private offices down to their kitchen cupboards. In their main gallery was a showcase displaying local architects/designers… everything from archaic sketches to elaborate 3-D graphic stands told the stories of the various projects being dreamt up by firms in the Sacramento region. Williams + Paddon had a great showing with the Avalon at Palm Springs Village graphic board, not only was it showcasing an innovative project but it also was a tribute to the caliber of our company’s graphic skills.

- Amber


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