Monday, August 25, 2008

Ride for a Reason

Brian + Abbie, Robi + Mark, and Paul before the ride.

Kim and her friend Janice.

Jeff and Kim Navarro and Anne DellaRosa (Kim's Mom)

The primary objective of Ride for a Reason is to make a difference in the lives of those affected by Parkinson's and cancer. By improving their quality of life. It was great to see Team WP out and participating in this local charity event. WP also donated all the Kids raffle prizes including a Wii...because we all know how much fun it is to play Wii! Below are a few of the reasons we choose to ride...
This was a great event and a fun ride but the purpose really became clear for me on three occasions.
1. When one of the opening speakers (owner of Bicycles Plus – John Crews)shook uncontrollably with Parkinson’s.
2. A young cancer survivor who looked about 10 years old had been one of the largest individual fundraiser and credited a visit from Lance Armstrong for getting him motivated to help others...AND HAS BEEN CANCER FREE FOR EIGHT YEARS!
3. Kim Navarro’s Mom, also a cancer survivor, was there as a testimony of how far cancer research has come. She is now free of cancer.
Also, a big thanks to all the volunteers like Andrea and husband Chris who I’m sure would have rather been riding.
-Paul Walsh
At the ride I meet a fella named Don who is a two time cancer survivor and is currently battling his third. A true testimate to the never give up attitude necessary to survive such life changing events. He and his wife ride 3 times a week and will soon be heading to Austria for a cycling vacation. He said, "you just gotta keep going and try to stay healthy. The Doc gave me 5 years to live and I'm in my 4th...and you know, I'm going to beat it."
- Brian L.
This is my second year participating in Ride For A Reason and it is just as humbling and emotional as the first year. My reason is my mom who was diagnosed and treated for colon cancer early last year (she also survived cervical cancer when she was in her early twenties). She is a survivor and is now cancer free. She is a strong and incredible woman and a wonderful inspiration for me. She is my reason and I will continue to participate in Ride For A Reason to honor her.
- Kim N.


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