Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Page 13 Violators are humbled by Team Quality!

Friday evening was a lesson to us Violators to never take anything for granted, and that we can be just as fallible as we are triumphant. Sitting in first place at the end of the season, it is true that we had everything to lose and a last place team has everything to gain. We began the evening feeling assured of our first place rank and I admit I was looking forward to the playoffs before our season had come to a close. We took the field already slumped as a confirmed player was absent, granting us an automatic out at crucial moments. The lone highlight for the Violators was that we were able to gain a quick four run lead in the first inning that carried us through most of the game. However, our hot offense from this season was quickly cooled Friday night as we could not generate many more runs. Our lack offense and my/our defensive break down in the final inning left the door wide open for a wonderful come-from-behind win for Team Quality. I want to thank Team Quality for playing a terrific game and for reminding us that the tides may always turn on you. Now as we sit in second place, may we walk into the playoffs as eager and hungry as we’ve ever been. We may take this lesson only to benefit our character and to continue the best season in Violator history.
-Coach Sandusky


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