Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tye Brown is a star!!!

Our very own Tyler Brown was quoted in the Sacramento Bee this week.

“At Williams + Paddon Architects in Roseville, 45 of 50 employees rode their bikes in May and combined to rack up 9,240 miles.
The company played a role in drumming up enthusiasm, including making a three minute video, “Blazing Saddles” (available at YouTube) and offering incentives from T-shirts to custom cycling jerseys for those who rode.
Tye Brown, a graphic designer at the firm, said the experience has lifted the mood around the office.
“It takes you back to your childhood,” he said, noting that the three of the six partners have purchased bikes in the past year.
“It has been a great thing for us and it has really become part of the culture of who we are.”
The firm provided space for employees to keep clothes, arranged companywide bike outings and created a car-sharing program for those who had to attend meetings away from the building.
The major emphasis was on well-being, not politics. “We are not trying to solve the world’s problems by riding a bike,” Brown said.

For the full story click here.


Don't let him fool you. Tye is actually Superman in the off hours. I think he really is trying to solve the worlds problems, I think he is a closet do-gooder. He can't fool me by hanging with those punk hacky sackers, its just a front!

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