Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Violators claim sole ownership of 1st Place!

With the Ball Busters bye this week and the Violator’s win of 13-3 last Friday, THE PAGE 13 VIOLATORS ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!! The only nail biter about this game was whether or not I’d have to forfeit due to a lack of women on my team (only three confirmed for the game). As the final minutes ticked before the first pitch I was able to plead with two women, Sharon Strickland and Nicole Ferrera, from the previous game to stick around and play for us. I’m glad they did because they played great. The rest of the night was business as usual this season. The Violators shut down Vertigoz in dominating fashion and immediately got started by scoring 3 to 5 runs per inning. We had outstanding hitting from the return of our self-inflicted captain, James Engler, who actually hit to right field for first time in his Violator career. James caught everyone off guard and was able to squeeze a triple out of it with a little help from Vertigoz. Some of the standard highlights this season are the long hits from Matt Rudolph, (he does that to give himself some trotting room as he rehabs his leg back to health), the juggling infield plays from James Engler, the dainty curtsies from Amber as she makes her spectacular play in the field or a nice hit, and the Looney Tune like fashion in which we are able to score runs this season (Bugs would be proud). I want to thank all of my fellow Violators as I am having so much fun with our W-L record inverted from years past. Let’s take it all and continue the great sportsmanship that I’m seeing out there.

- Coach Sandusky


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