Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Community Update

Next Economy : Implementation Phase

On March 7th, the Leadership Group of the Capital Region Prosperity Plan, known as Next Economy, celebrated the completion of its Strategic Plan. “We are looking forward to the Strategic Plan moving into implementation,” said Jim Williams, W+P’s Principal who is part of the group.

The initiative used basic research to uncover our region’s competitive strengths and mapped out a set of interlocking strategies based on that information that can accelerate job and wealth creation and boost new investment across the Capital Region. The plan recognizes our key competitive strengths in six sectors or “clusters” listed below. By growing and broadening these sectors, we can strengthen our economy through diversification and economies of scale.
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Clean Energy Technology
  • Education & Knowledge Creation
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Life Sciences & Health Services.
The goals of the plan are to:
  1. Foster a strong innovation environment
  2. Increase the region’s world trade
  3. Diversify the economy through growth and support of core business clusters
  4. Grow and maintain a world-class talent base
  5. Improve the regional business climate for economic growth
In the end, the success of the plan lies in ensuring that Next Economy strategies and actions are deeply integrated into organizations’ work plans, with accountability and champions across all segments of the Capital Region. Working together, we can build a more resilient and diversified economy for the 21st Century.


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