Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Employee News : Naaz Alikhan

W+P's Naaz Alikhan, Principal : Appointed Vice Chair, Board of Directors, NextEd
Two years ago, Williams + Paddon joined LEED (Linking Education and Economic Development) and Naaz wondered out loud about the confusion between this non-profit organization and the USGBC’s more globally known LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. “That is the last time I'll wonder out loud in front of Dave Butler (the non-profit organization’s CEO),” she recently said, “because I was immediately assigned to work on the rebrand effort for the organization!”

Last year, LEED went through the rebranding process with Chris Holben of Runyan Saltzman Einhorn at the helm. The result was NextEd—Education for the Next Economy. “As Vice Chair this year, I am excited to help NextEd roll out the rebrand,” Naaz enthused. “Our goal is to strengthen existing connections, establish new relationships, and generally get the word out!”

NextEd's mission is to advance initiatives that prepare students for the next economy by supporting programs and public policies that are proven to provide skills relevant in the workplace, such as STEM Education, academies and pathways, and career education. The link between economic vitality and an educated workforce is well documented—regions that align economic development with educational assets are winners, prepared for the economy of the future.

Williams + Paddon is involved in NextEd because the organization mirrors our firm’s principles. As architects and designers of Learning Environments, we have seen firsthand the transformative nature of programs such as career academies, where high school kids learn skills that give them a head start in careers they are passionate about.

Interested in learning more about NextEd? Feel free to call or email Naaz at 916.786.8178 or info@williampluspaddon.com.



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