Friday, May 31, 2013

Baseline Marketplace

New Commercial Plaza for West Roseville Residents

Williams + Paddon is pleased to be working with DF Properties on a 736,000 SF commercial center in the west side of the City of Roseville. It will be comprised of two distinct developments—Baseline Marketplace East and Baseline Marketplace West—brought together by one overall design intent. It will be anchored by several large plate retailers with supporting retails shops, businesses and restaurants.

The architectural theme is that of a village that has evolved through time and incorporates a variety of materials and styles. Materials may include integral colored concrete block, brick, stone, exposed steel, cementitious siding, plaster and wood. The use of both horizontal and vertical elements will create dynamic forms, including overhangs, covered walkways, colorful awnings, and a few tower elements that provide anchoring or focal points. The landscape, paving and accessory features will provide commonality to unify the buildings.

The Sacramento Business Journal published an article in April and another article in May reporting on the project.



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