Thursday, October 11, 2012

LEED CareerGPS 2012

W+P Brings Technology to Sacramento Area Students:
Can you imagine over 6,000 high school students at CalExpo exploring career possibilities in areas as diverse as healthcare and construction? That’s CareerGPS, the largest career fair in California presented by LEED (Linking Education and Economic Development), which is held this year on October 10 and 11. For two days, over 150 exhibitors go all out providing access to real world experiences with things like heavy machinery and CPR mannequins. The hands-on experience brings excitement to each student, initiating or strengthening interest in their career potential. 
W+P brought back our exhibit featuring the computer program, Sketch-Up, used to create 3D modeling, which has enticed many youngsters to the world of architecture and design. “It’s a great way to showcase one of the fun sides of what we do as designers. The program provides them with a quick and easy way to visualize their ideas,” says Lauren Spear, W+P Graphic Designer. W+P then provides the students with directions to access and download the program for free at home. Lauren continues, “The kids are so drawn to the technological side of things these days. You would be amazed how quickly they pick up the program in just a matter of minutes. That's what is exciting to them... the instant product."

By providing this venue for employers and students to engage in a meaningful way, LEED furthers its goal of connecting industry leaders and educational resources to develop a regional workforce with relevant skills needed now and in the future.

“Sounds easy enough, but since I’ve been on LEED’s Board, I have discovered that the worlds of education and business are very different—with different languages and metrics,” says Naaz Alikhan, W+P Principal. “Having LEED facilitate dialog and action is essential to create a positive outcome. CareerGPS is very much a means to that end.”



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