Monday, August 1, 2011

Who Ate My Lunch?

Let me set the scene... It's around 12:15 and Jodie walks back to grab her leftovers for lunch. Since I sit within earshot of our break room I heard her stunned laughter as she says "somebody ate my lunch". She couldn't believe it. About the same time an email goes out to the entire office from one of our newest employees.

"Hello all, I just ate someone’s lunch box due to the same food in the lunch box. I am sorry about that. Please let me know if your lunch box has been eaten by me. I would like to buy you lunch at your convenient time. Thanks"

I couldn't stop laughing and when Jodie read that she couldn't either. Apparently they cooked the same thing the night before. This is a true story... you can't make that up!

As you may imagine, responses to the "free lunch" were quick to come in from everyone wanting a free lunch.
"Hey, that was my lunch. I’ll take Sushi tomorrow for lunch thank you." - Dan
"Jacky… No problem.. that was my lunch. Replacement lunch tomorrow at Ruth Chris’s works for me." - Greg
"Wait a minute, I think that was my lunch!!!!" - James


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