Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jack Relaxing...?

You never know where blog material will come from. Jack's daughter sent me this to post as "other side of dad." She wanted to make note that "he does actually relax (drink coffee and catch up on world news) and take care of two fluff balls :) "

If you know Jack at all you know that he is 100 mph all the time. We've heard stories of him relaxing but just chalked those up to urban legend. Like the Yeti, Sasquatch, and UFO's... people have claimed to have seen them but there is no conclusive evidence. Well, we can scratch "jack relaxing" off the urban legends list and stamp it confirmed.

side note... the authenticity of this photo has been proven but the relaxing part of the story is still in question. Jack is reading the Sunday paper and given the remote location it was probably a 30 mile bike ride into town to just get the paper. That's hardly relaxing in my book but considering he rode 200 miles last month I'll consider it relaxing for him.

Brian L.


Ha Brian you are great! You have Jack figured out!!!

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