Monday, June 27, 2011

Tike Races - 2011

Another successful Trike Race is in the books. Although there is never a clear victor as everyone cheats by ignoring the cones, wrecking other riders, cutting corners, etc... It's always fun to be kids for few minutes. Thanks to WP for the food and our neighbors Voit Real Estate Services and Valley Commerical Contractors for the cold beverages and popsicles.

Jason showing off the new adult sized trike... the hot rod of the day

Brian thinking..." why am I even going to try this..."

Joey and Cigi look like they're playing bumper cars more than racing trikes.

And they're off... Eric and Mark go head to head.

I have no idea how, but Jim made it one lap pedaling that little tricycle. Well done sir.

- Brian L.


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