Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Acts of Fun

WP has started a fun new tradition of encouraging random acts of fun. Once a month an employee is selected at random and given a small stipend of dollar bills to spend however they choose on doing something fun for the employees. My name was the first to be pulled from the hat and being first came with great expectations. So, I decided to BBQ... because who doesn't like BBQ? And to keep the interest of everyone I printed out a bunch of sometimes funny (sometimes not) jokes. Everyone was good sports and read whatever they picked up, no matter how much it made them blush. Round one... Success.

Brian W. was the next contestant and he bought some games for the lobby. Because sometimes you just need something mindless to do to keep your brain from meltdown. The puzzle is almost complete. Round two... Success.

The latest addition was contributed by Sarah. You might think that she is an expert dancer or has a great natural rhythm. This couldn't be further from the truth. She admittedly bought this game to watch everyone in the office make fools of themselves trying to dance. If you know Sarah then you know that what I just said is the absolute truth! She has an odd yet endearing sense of humor that we all love. And because this is her gift, lets all gather around and watch her take the first dance.....

Brian L.


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