Monday, March 14, 2011

Trip to the Library - Cade Winery

Let me introduce you to Cade Winery in Napa. Paul and I were directed to this winery after getting caught sneaking around another architecturally inspired winery (Quintessa). Apparently "by appointment only" means don't walk around without supervision. Oh well, back to Cade... after a few wrong turns we finally found this little gem tucked away from the main traffic. As we drove through the vineyards below, we had to pick our jaws off the floor as we glimpsed views of the building nestled into the hillside. This building was meant to be on this site. Everything was how it should be. The sequence of little events to arrive at the tasting room was purposeful and planned. Taking ones view away, giving it back in pieces before revealing the AMAZING view.

The Entry Sequence - As you progress up the winding drive you turn your back to the view. At this point you don't even know there is a view as your eyes are fixated on the crush facility which is opposite the view. As you park this large entry wall shields what awaits.
The Entry - The approach to the entry gives the slightest glimpse of the view, but as you pass though the opening a wall obstructs this view.

The Courtyard Entry - Walking through the opening the designer leads you to the right and into the courtyard. He used the placement of the door to intuitively lead one to the right instead of to the left where the private offices are located. Again, the large wall obstructs part of the view.

The Courtyard - The wall to the left and the tasting room to the right frame this endless view of Sonoma Valley. Breathtaking.

This place is of course by appointment only but the ladies who greeted us were really nice and talked extensively about the building and philosophies of the winery. It is a LEED Gold project and bio dynamically farmed (one step above organic). This is Architecture with a big A.


Post Script - Big shout out to Paul for sweet talking the rental people into an upgrade to a convertible mustang for our travel. Well done sir.


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