Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jack and Bill Attack the Davis Double

“Over all it went well. I felt really good up to the 96 mile mark and then we started a 7 mile climb up Cobb Mountain. The climb is reported to be between 5-10% with no breaks… on the back side we hit 43 mph on our decent so that was a measure of payback. The hardest part mentally was after dark when you lose the context and perspective of your surroundings. Riding past the Casino about 9:00 pm was the most dangerous stretch…there is no shoulder for 7 miles and the juiced up crazies leaving the casino needed to let us know their feelings about sharing the road. We averaged 13.5 mph in the saddle but our overall time was 18 hours with stops. I’m sure Bill Larson could have done it in 12 or 13 hours. Bill was a true friend, by pacing at my speed instead of his, and letting me hang on his wheel all day. Mission accomplished.” Jack Paddon

These guys look entirley to fresh to have just completed 200 mile

Jack somewhere in the twilight zone

and he was not along...Bill

Note - Cobb Mountain at 4480 ft 
is also known as “puke hill’


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