Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IIDA Golf Tournament

Brett, Greg and Robi warm up with some dance moves...

Aimee Rebmann of UCF, Brian, and Amber

yes, that's a pink feather boa...
Another great event put on by the IIDA. The W+P contingent included Greg, Robi, Brett, Amber, Tom and Brian. There's nothing quite as humorous as watching amateur (at best) golfers chase a ball up and down mountains, in and out of trees, back into the trees and maybe make it to the green before loosing every ball in their bag. Many lessons learned this year. One, steal range balls because at the end of the round you'll need them. Two, if your mad you should throw a ball into the lake not a's cheaper that way. And third, never, under any circumstances, should you let someone drive a golf cart because they think it will be 'fun'...rolling down a hill is not fun.


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