Monday, August 17, 2009

Ride for a Reason '09

This is our 3rd year of participating in Ride for a Reason and it was again a wonderful and heartwarming experience. For some reason, this year was more emotional for me. I did have a death in my family from cancer, my great-aunt passed away from stage 4 ovarian cancer earlier this year. In addition, I “remembered” my grandparents who both had cancer. My grandma passed away from oral cancer in 1986 and my grandpa suffered bladder cancer many years after. He survived at least 15 years after the prognosis and treatment and lived a happy and wonderful life. This year, my reasons were the individuals in my family that have been touched by this awful disease. I am grateful that my mom was able to come down and be with us at this event. Jeff and I do this event for her and the 12 miles I rode and 24 miles Jeff rode are such a small thing we can do to honor her.
- Kim


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