Monday, August 3, 2009

what do people think of architects?

found this floating around the internet...enjoy.

What happens when you type in "Architect" into Google images? It's kind of a running joke in the profession of how the general public views Architects versus what a real Architect ACTUALLY is.Let's start with the standard "blueprints with rulers, triangles, and hand drawing" images.

Image #1:

1. Try drawing a straight line on a triangle without holding the other side. It doesn't work.
2. This is a printed drawing from a computer. He is drawing on it. He is obviously stupid.
3. There is an eraser on the table. Again, this is a PRINTED drawing.
4. They couldn't find a better hand model for this picture? Was bigfoot unavailable??

Image #2:

1. Yet again this is a printed drawing. Is EVERYONE stupid??
2. Apparently this guy needs TWO scales to measure stuff. He likes to stack them on each other for maximum measuring power.
3. What Architect DOESN'T stack library books from the 1960's on their drawings?
4. Exactly what is this guy using to draw? could he not find a normal pencil?

Image #3:

1. All Architects draw circles, lots and lots of circles. Of course on blueprints.
2. Notice the standard pencil, triangle, compass, and protractor.

Let's move on to Architects on job sites (mostly pointing):

Image #1:

1. "Yeah this isn't right at all...KNOCK IT DOWN!...oh wait, this is just my grocery list..."
2. Architects tend to stare really hard at drawings while on job sites because they have no idea what they've been working on for the past 4 months.

Image #2:

1. Apparently these guys weren't allowed on an actual construction site for this photo.
2. All Architects point and smile at their work.
3. Hard hats are definitely required while standing by a finished building.
4. You must always wear a pin-striped suit to a construction site. I mean what are the odds you'll ruin it?

Image #3:

1. The building is behind you.
2. "Look at that bird!"

Image #4:

1. Either this is a very large woman, or they couldn't find a large format printer for this stock photo.

Now for some Architect's offices:

Image #1:

1. First of all, WTF?
2. Architects always stand while drawing, holding random drafting utensils in an awkward way.

Image #2:

1. Apparently Architect pimps DO exist.
2. I think they misunderstood when the photographer wanted the Architect looking at models.

Finally...This is what an ACTUAL Architect usually looks like at their desk:

1. Stressed out of their mind.
2. No pencils, triangles, protractors, scales, or compasses.
3. Slouched over a desk on a computer.
4. On the phone with their mom who's asking if Frank Lloyd Wright is their favorite Architect.


is that a ruling pen that the hand in image #2 is holding???

did you know that guy in the last picture is Harvey Levin?
"Harvey Levin, the managing editor of the celebrity muckraking site and now the executive producer and host of TMZ"

i can see why you may think architects resemble this scumbag.

Architects are like dentist they always complain about other architects work..."I'm not gonna say anything but the last person who was in here..."

Hilarious. Especially because I'm at work on a Saturday finishing a code analysis for a building that will mostly likely not happen.

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