Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Ride

Sundays ride started as a beautiful day in the saddle with our morning crisp and clear and full of anticipation. We departed Auburn in the AM and proceeded through Meadow Vista up Placer Hills Road to Colfax. The climbing was sweet, the roads where covered in thorns and our single speed guru Brian L. was determined to suffer through the pain of 13 climbs, four flats and open harassment from his geared companions. The Peloton was well balanced at 6; consisting of Terry continually dancing on his peddles, Kim Hammering all day, Robert regaining his form, Brian our Guru, Brenda our number one Domestique and JB the Director Sportif.
Despite the groups 7 flats we had a great day and look forward to the ride. For the route"> click here.

P.S. - For the betterment of our bicycling group (and future outings with Robert) here are a few translations I picked up.

Robert - The climbs aren't that bad
Translation - 13 leg burning, lung searing climbs

R - The top is just around the corner
T - Four corners later, no top.

R- Once we get to Colfax, it's all downhill on the way back
T - Not so much Downhill as Uphill. Ever hear that story about walking uphill both ways to school?...well, we found that road.



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