Monday, October 20, 2008

Note from Taylor

Hey Everyone!

Everything is going great down here in SLO. Life is way better when the beach is so close! I haven't had to pull any all-nighters yet out of necessity yet, so that's a plus. Many of you may not remember my schedule if I told you, but I'm in a digital arch class, a shop arch class, my arch studio, English, and physics. I've been surprised at how much free time I have right now, but I'm expecting that to change soon... ? I've heard my studio teacher is more laid back than most; we've only had two projects so far. I almost wish I needed to put all nighters. Anyway, I included my first studio project for all of you to check out. The assignment was to find a picture in a magazine that contained the seven visual cues of architecture.

Outside of school, I've been checking out SLO and the surrounding areas. Surfing, hiking, beach volleyball, mustang football; basically everything SLO has to offer. For all of you Cal Poly Alumni, there have been many recent changes to campus. The architecture department purchased all new studio furniture over the summer! Campus restaurants such as the Light House, the Veranda Cafe, and the Garden Grill are long gone, replaced by 19 Metro Station and Baja Sol. Julian's Coffee has moved to the second floor of the Library and Starbucks is now in its old position adjacent to the bowling alley. Buildings all around campus have been given fresh coats of paint and the new Construction Management building is finally finished for student use.

So much is going on down here, I try to keep you all updated :)



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