Monday, July 7, 2008

Dan's 10th Anniversary with WP

What can you say about a man who says everything? You see, Dan's a bit of a story teller. Most of us know him very well...this is due in part to his not so quiet voice and the fact that he repeats every story at least 43 times a day until he's sure everyone has heard it. Honestly, it seems like Dan's been around forever. Rumor has it that he came to WP right after graduating from kindergarten (and yes...he had a full mustache then too). He is celebrating 10 years of service with the firm and in recognition he received a $1000 travel voucher, some WP bucks and other goodies as a token of appreciation from the firm. And no Dan, you cannot buy a one-way ticket with that voucher, we want you back! We look forward to many more years of Dan's delightful personality and bad joke telling.

Brian L. and Jodie


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