Monday, July 28, 2008

Sacramento's Moving Up

I received the June issue of Interior Design, one of my favorite design magazines, and began my usual tradition of devouring it from cover to cover. I love this magazine because it brings innovative and fresh designs from all corners of the world right to my doorstep. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I turned to page 124 and was greeted with images of a restaurant covered in French cottage d├ęcor and weathered shutters… that’s right, it was Ella Dining Room & Bar in our very own downtown Sacramento. And happily enough, it doesn’t stop there! Another prestigious design magazine, Hospitality Design, has honored Ella in their most recent awards issue as the winner of the “Hospitality Debut” category.
I think it is exciting that our community is being recognized as having innovative and novel design and I hope to see more of these accolades in the near future… especially if they mention Williams + Paddon and have my name in bold as the designer of record:)

I have both magazines at my desk so please feel free to stop on by and check them out!

Interior Design Article - Click Here
- Amber


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