Monday, June 10, 2013

Arianna Smith : W+P's Not-So-New Hire!

In case you didn't know...
Technically, our newest Interior Designer, Arianna Smith, came aboard full-time in April… but it feels like forever ago, since she started out as an intern with us back in May of last year. We’re über excited to have her officially on our team—the lady’s got real skills and a healthy dose of creativity, both in design as well as in problem-solving. Thanks to her no-nonsense work ethic, she can whip out space plans, 3D models and construction documents like nobody’s business.

Arianna is great to work with, always ready to listen and learn, at the same time bring fresh ideas to the table. She may come across as soft-spoken, but don’t think you have her all figured out. When needed, she won’t hesitate to speak her mind or point out something everyone else may have missed. (We pretend we skipped it on purpose just to test her, of course!) The contradictions don’t stop there… born in Italy, Arianna does NOT speak Italian—the language OR the incessant hand movements! This one never fails to surprise us… all the more we love her for it!
Welcome aboard, Arianna!


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