Thursday, December 6, 2012

W+P Tech Guy Assignment No.2 – Baby Room

Continuing to prepare for our first born:
As you know, my wife and I are currently preparing for our first born child. For the last month or so, we have been gathering the baby “necessities”, attending baby showers, and prepping for parenthood. I mean, come on, I’ve learned more about the female anatomy, infants, labor, baby product do’s and don’ts, and even breastfeeding in the last couple months than a man really should or needs to know. EVER! What was once my home office sanctuary, AKA: Man Cave, has been transformed into the baby’s room.

Being the architects that we both are, Kim and I are planners—to the extreme! And being the technology savvy guy I am (hence the title of my blog contributions) I like finding complicated solutions for simple problems. So when it came to the baby’s room, you know it wasn’t going to be a simple task…

First and foremost, I must announce…. IT’S A GIRL!!! Although I kind-of-sort-of-half-wished-hoped for a boy, I always knew it would be a girl. After all, my wife is ALL girl, all pink, all the time. The furniture and bedding had already been chosen so we had a rough place to start for room colors. So this made the room design easy… right?
STEP ONE: Model the entire room
In Revit of course! This allowed for the best real-world color and lighting studies in a variety of programs. I also made sure that the geographic location and orientation was accurately set. (I told you this wouldn’t be simple.)
STEP TWO: Export into 3D Studio Max
I produced low resolution images just to study the color and light—which reduced the image processing time from 20 minutes to under 2 minutes, but still allowed for soft shadows and color gradients that were based on real world parameters. I put the furniture in the model, too, so the room lighting would be that much more accurate, since this room is north facing and would be lit by diffuse north light instead of direction southern light. The final result was not a sea of pink, but some cooler colors that contrast well with the brighter accent pinks in the room. 
STEP THREE: Step back and revel in my skill
That’s right. Because of my due-diligence, we were able to narrow down the color palette and patterns to a select few, in one afternoon!

STEP FOUR: Get to the real work
80+ hours of… Painting. Taping. Wiping. Scraping. More painting. Cutting. Crown moulding. Organizing. More painting. Adhering. Putting together. Taking apart. Putting back together again... And more painting.

STEP FIVE: Have a beer
Well, next month I will be a father and the baby adventure will be under way, so I’ll won’t be posting again for a while. But when I do, I promise no more baby talk... just good ol’ tech stuff.

Until then,



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