Wednesday, September 5, 2012

W+P Tech Guy Assignment No.1 – Baby Monitor

Preparing for my first born baby:
For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeff Navarro a.k.a. “office tech guy #2.” (tech guy #1 being our I.T. manager).  I keep CAD, Revit and the like running smoothly in our office as well as work on various project in the office.  With that, I’m also a technology junky; what’s new, what’s hot, megapixels, terabytes… speed, speed, speed!  Now, I rarely have the opportunity to put my addiction to good use; but when I’m given clearance to research or buy technology for home, watch out!  My wife and I are expecting our first born baby this December and preparing for her arrival has been relatively easy so far, at least from my perspective.  I’m asked to look at colors or patterns and go through baby stores looking for things we might need or want to register for.  No big deal.

During one of these trips we came across the baby monitor section.  I’m thinking its radios or walky-talky like devices, easy.  Oh no!  It’s full on color cameras with built in two-way radios, night vision, heat sensors, humidity sensors, color displays, and on and on…  I start salivating thinking of what I can do with this!  I turn to my wife calmly and say, “I’ll take care of baby monitors.”  She gives me a smile and we move on through the store. 


When we get home, it’s on!  I first start looking at surveillance systems.  Not baby monitor from the kids store, but full on security IP camera systems with surveillance servers.  Can I get a system where I can mount multiple cameras in the room?  How about the front door and dog yard?  Can I access it from my iPhone and iPad?  Do the camera mounts swivel?  What about zoom and night vision? Ooh, looks like I’ll need to upgrade our home server!  How much more hard drive space can I pack in a new server?  Personal cloud storage?  $$$$$!  My brain is jumping from one thing to the next and soon I’m not even looking at cameras anymore.  I’m wondering what other personal toys I can squeeze into this camera thing.  Jackpot!

An hour or so into my scheming, my wife walks in and asks, “how’s it going?  Find anything we can use?”  I reply, “yea, but it might cost more than we thought.  Might need to set aside some money next month for this one.”  She gives me a crooked smile and walks away saying, “keep looking.”  I continue upon my quest.  I will not fail! 

Not more than five minutes later my wife comes back.  My brain is on overload with the possibilities and my hands are on my forehead.  I look distressed so she says, “how about this one?  It has audio and night vision with a monitor so we don’t need to use our phones.  Just what we are looking for, got good reviews and it’s cheap.”  She then asks what I’ve been looking at and why it cost so much?  Busted!

Next month’s assignment:  Baby room designs and colorswith Revit daylight simulations and 3D Studio Max renderings!



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