Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trike Race Preview

A fun idea 5 years ago has become a very competitive annual tradition. For an hour each May we set aside the daily architectural worries of specs, drawings and contracts and revert back to being 5 years old racing the neighbor kids in our parent’s driveways.

Yes, we are all adults.
Yes, we “borrow” the trikes from our children.
And Yes, we have an absolute blast!

This year we decided to crank it up a notch or two. Gone are the trikes only a 3 foot nothin’ 4th grader could ride. We are now playing in the big leagues with custom modified racing machines built to accommodate the longer limbs of adults. These rigs have been chopped, cut, welded and bolted back together for one purpose… speed! The racing is sure to be faster and more competitive than ever!

Want to join the fun? Lucky for you, you're invited...


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