Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Parade Time!

Everybody sing: "Nobody, no gonna rain on my parade!"
The rain threatened all day but right around parade time the skies cleared, the streets of downtown Roseville started to get crowded just in time to see our annual holiday parade. The event is co-sponsored by the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and the City of Roseville. Filled with floats, marching bands, horses and classic cars it is pure Americana and a fun time. Post-parade, activities included outdoor movies, food, performances by local theaters and even a fruitcake toss, all leading up to the tree lighting. The parade is named after a long-time Roseville resident (dare I say icon?) Sylvia Besana, who organized the parade for as long as anyone can remember. When she passed away a few years ago her friends wanted to continue the parade in her honor. I'm sure Sylvia is proud of the legacy she left behind. I have been a judge for 3 years and every year the rain threatens, but it is always clear parade-time. I say with great love that the rain is probably afraid to rain on Sylvia's parade!



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