Monday, October 10, 2011

Rebuilding Together

And so the day begins...
Tom and Brian tearing off the fascia and eave sheathing

Brian trimming some overgrown trees

Regina and Yingxi playing in the dirt

We have conquered the eaves! Now on to painting...

Regina and Yingxi still hard at work while Amber supervises

Isn't tampering with a federal mailbox a felony? Amber was a Jill of all trades... painter, taper, dissembler, re-assembler, etc...

Regina reliving her Nebraska youth days by riding in the bed of a truck.

More painting...

Tom, Yingxi, Regina, Amber and Brian were on hand, to lend a hand at this years Rebuilding Together house. We were part of a huge crew that included high school students and Raley's supermarket corporate employees, as well as many other helpers. It was a beautiful day and by the end of it the owners were on their way to having a beautiful house once again.


If I would have know you guys did roofing I would have had you do my house!! Got the racoons out though and all tight for the winter.

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