Monday, June 1, 2009

Oakmont H.S. Wins Architectural Design Competition

A few months back 3 young aspiring architects from Oakmont High School stopped by for some help on a design competition they entered. They were a little nervous at first. Really...who wouldn't be nervous in the presence of such a 3D graphical genius as Jeff? The competition was a Re-Use of an existing building (old pump station between I-80 and the river near Old Town) turning it into an Aquarium. They had the design figured out (which included a green roof and solar panels) they just needed help making it come to life on the computer. We gave them some insider information, special cheat codes and gave them the secret handshake and sent them on their way. Well, just got an update. They won 1st place out 12+ schools!

-Brian, Jeff, and Paul


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