Monday, June 1, 2009

May is Bike Month - Finale

I see there were a lot of miles logged over the weekend. Great Job! We so far have been able to hold off the competition but not by much. They are a little more than 200 miles behind us. The web page will allow logging of miles that were completed during may for a few more days. If you rode during may and did not log your miles please do so.
W+P has 6 people over 500 miles and to even think about getting into the top 10 you need to have ridden at least 200 miles. That is amazing! Great job all around this year W+P. Below is a list of all those who rode at least 100 miles. Thank you to all who rode and made it a successful event. You are all healthier because of it.

Here are a few very honorable mentions. This is our 500 club

Jack, 857 miles? WOW! And you were gone for a week? I am thinking 1000 next year.
Mark, You damn near made it to 700. Awesome!! How are your knees?
Jaggers, You edged out Robi who I know was gunning for you!
Robi, Absolutely no shame in 526. That is more than I have ever done. I am simply stunned!
Terry, You edged out the monster Robert who tried to catch you by simply riding a Century Friday. In the heat no doubt.
And Robert this is the first year you made it to 500 and your first Century. Amazing! Great Job!

Not so far behind are our 300 Mile members

Tom… His first outing for us and Rookie of the year!
And Jim, Wow 300 miles? Top Notch! I am in for your announcement that “June is Golf Month”.


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