Monday, January 19, 2009

WP University

With the first classes starting in a few weeks, the all out marketing effort has commenced. We sat down and started thinking about our days as school children and the fond memories of the first day of school. And by "fond memories" I am of course referring to the knee shaking, cold sweat, minor anxiety attack feeling everyone gets as they walk into the classroom of unfamiliar faces. No worries though, these classes are intended to be fun and informative...with no homework! At your desks you'll find some grade school supplies...a folder for papers, a #2 pencil, a scantron sheet, and a brown bag with an apple. You'll also find a little WP University pennant. Be sure to flip it over, each one has a different quote...and when you've read yours go and read your neighbors and so on and so forth. All of this was intended to bring you back to your school days and remind people to go to HRconnection to sign up for classes...before they fill up!

Anda, Shannon, Brian L., Nora, Terry, Jack and Naaz


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