Monday, January 12, 2009

Rose Bowl Parade, Roseville style

Believe in Music float

"floor plan" of Believe in Music float
Roseville's entry...

To kick off its Centennial year the City of Roseville entered a float in the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena. I went on a bus trip with the City’s Parks & Recreation department led by one of my friends Jamie Carlson. Glad I did. Included in the trip was some quality time to decorate the float. Every inch of the float (including trap doors & handles) were covered with some type of natural material. For example, seaweed was used for the black part of the train on the Roseville float. I got to cut flower petals, put some roses into the base of the float. Fun and sort of relaxing at the same time!
- Naaz

[Note from the Editor] This would have been posted sooner but Naaz had to have the film developed...yes, i said film. As in the 35mm point and shoot disposable (with flash) darkroom required type of film.


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