Monday, December 22, 2008

Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition

For the 5 of us who participated it was a memorable day. We could handle being laughed at and ridiculed by our co-workers. What none of us planned on was the strange looks by other people in the building wondering, "what were they thinking this morning". Nothing like showing your holiday spirit with a gaudy sweater from your grandma's closet.

First Place : Brian L. sporting a extra wide, extra short Santa and Snowman themed monstrosity.
Second Place : Beverly... I'd swear she's worn that before...?
Third Place : Kim. Although she didn't wear the sweater all day, the hour she did was enough.
Forth Place : Amber. Funny thing is, some people thought this was cute.
Fifth Place : Rose. Thanks for playing but yours was not even close to ugly.

Special thanks to Beverly for organizing the event!

- Brian L. and Rose


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